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Quite simply the best gun stock for the quest available just now. The design is innovative and almost immediately improves gaming. Besides providing an in game advantage, the stock is robust and capable of being man handled without issue - I've had 3D printed stocks which disintegrated within 3 days of purchase. Besides being an awesome product, customer sevice is on point & it is clear that the product is made by an inthusiast whom loves VR. TOP PRODUCT BY SUPERB SELLER - BUY TODAY!!!!.

Amazing seller and from some short testing it makes aiming insanely easy. It honestly felt like cheating. Great product. Great seller. Thank you very much.

Absolutely excellent seller! Very communicative, easy to work with, able and willing to answer questions and assist. This is the BEST stock I've used on my Quest 2, and a really, really good buy. Shipping was quick, the stock was in perfect condition, and it's made a world of difference in my enjoyment of VR.

Falandorn is awesome. Responded quickly after purchase to find out what color I wanted and even made a custom little addition for me. Gunstock is exactly as described, some minor aesthetic imperfections due to it being handmade, but functionally perfect. Definitely would do business again.

Very quick international shipping. Item was well packaged and secure - it arrived in great condition and the first time/assembly setup is amazingly simple, really only takes just a few minutes. It works very well on my Oculus Quest 2 wireless tracking. A lot of ingenuity behind this stocks design (the front angled grab grip is very clever and effective!) It's also a very rigid-feeling stock that doesn't feel like it's just going to bend and break at any point. A lot of value being offered here!

Good communications, but a note about the product - it is an excellent gunstock and has revolutionised my experience with VR shooters. You can tell a lot of thought and passion has gone into this product and is good value.

Hands down the best stock I've used for the Oculus Quest 2. I've tested it on various FPS games now and it's versatile enough to work with everything. Communication is second to none and the work gone into these is brilliant. Thank you Falandorn for all your help and for a game changing stock for the Quest.

Not only is this item by FAR the best VR stock out there, it's well-made with that "custom made to order" charm, and has every good idea for VR stocks driving its design. Falandorn communicated well, answered my questions, and got it made and shipped in a timely manner. This transforms any VR shooter you play. This is as good as it gets until the next MAJOR advancement in VR technology, and I'm sure Falandorn will be there figuring out how to make it even better.

Absolutely best gunstock on marked, for that price Kobra Lite is a steal - fully configurable (usable on Onward, Sniper Elite and even Surv1v3) and no fighting with magnets... You simply grip stock and VR gun at same time. 5/5 for me Oh, and great communication with seller as well!

Amazing gun stock. No tracking issues or scope drift and customizes to your arm length and different gun stock lengths perfectly. The pump-action is very cool. The stock feels solid too. Very happy I came upon this innovator, my search for a VR gun stock is finally over. I have a Sanlanki from Etsy, no disrespect it served its purpose but if you really want an authentic gun stock experience you gotta try this Kobra

Best gun stock available for the quest. Don't buy any others. Emulates a rifle near 1:1. You can also get a shotgun attachment. So satisfying! thanks you sir for your time making it. Was well worth the money.

Great looking design, high build quality and well priced. I would highly recommend this as a first choice to anyone looking for a VR gunstock! I love the feel, realism, & immersion this has brought to my VR gameplay. It significantly improves in-game accuracy and is the only VR gunstock with a unique realistic reload design. In addition to a great product, the seller has high quality of service, provides frequent updates, and ships / handles your product with excellent care!

I would completely recommend this seller, he kept me totally informed, his products are brilliant and are as described. He gave me a delivery date and it arrived 2 weeks early. He is constantly updating and improving his products. He gets and deserves 5 stars 🌟 from me.

Schnelle Lieferung, absolut sauber gearbeitet, a perfect peace of art... A+++

Amazing seller, Communication was excellent and updates on Twitter were frequent. The QCB performed better than expected. I would definitely buy from KobraVR again. A*

Great product! Very comfortable and ergonomic. Improved my aim tenfold. Seller was super friendly :)

This is my first gunstock but I'm absolutely blown away by it. I'm thinking about getting the CQB variant to test the difference between the top and bottom mounting, but for now the Kobra Elite 2 is amazing from feel, look and functionality

Great product and impeccable communication. Seller made frequent twitter updates to keep buyers in the loop with their purchase and tweaks that he's making. Couldn't ask for more!

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