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All About Us

Statement from Fal:

We are a married couple - Simon and Jy Jarvis aka Fal and Jynxed (Our  old World of Warcraft names) we loved first person shooters and used to play the very 1st Call of Duty in a Clan called [WLA]. I studied product design and mechanical / manufacturing engineering at university. Back when the old Oculus DK1 came out we were stunned...and a bit motion sick, we knew immediately that it would revolutionist gaming. As someone who shoots in real life, I knew from seeing the first HTC Vive wand controllers the fps games would need a solution to lock controllers in place to give a realistic feel. One reddit community project and a few months later the N00btube was born (yep that was me, the wife named it after what we used to call rocket / grenade launchers).

I stopped selling stocks for a few years because although it was great the technology was not quite there and work commitments as a maths teacher took over, however, when the new nVidia 3k series was released along with more technically proficient headsets arriving, I began to play again. After speaking to my good friend Kobri I realised that the designs had not changed much from my original noobtubes and something new, something better was needed, that something was the 1st Kobra stock.

We have grown the business slowly but surly and focused on high quality customer service, designing products that I love to use at competitive price points. We have gone from 100% hand made to a small print farm to keep up with demand, all products are still assembled by us and we aim to give you products that work and feel great to use. 

KobraVR is designed and built for our fellow FPS fans and we wont sell a product we don't like to use ourselves, which means hopefully you will enjoy them also.


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